0 : *H  +0 '1 0  `He0W *H HD ConsentText default This watchOS 8 Beta profile installs the watchOS Beta which is pre-release software. Your use is subject to and licensed only under the terms and conditions of the Beta Software Program Agreement ("watchOS BSPA"), including any applicable consent to collect diagnostic data set forth therein. If you have not agreed to the BSPA, you are not permitted to use this software. Installing this Beta Software Profile will allow you to install the watchOS Beta on your device and may provide you with access to Apple tools so that you may help Apple troubleshoot issues with your device and help Apple to improve watchOS and related products and services. This version of watchOS Beta is only for use by members of the Apple Beta Software Program. Please be sure to backup your devices and archive that backup prior to installing the watchOS Beta release. Apple Watch cannot be restored to previously-released OS versions once the Beta is installed. Attempting to install this version of watchOS Beta in an unauthorized manner could put your device in an unusable state, which could necessitate an out of warranty repair. If you need assistance restoring your device, please contact AppleCare by visiting https://support.apple.com. By installing this profile, you may send certain personal information to Apple if you provide sysdiagnose or submit feedback through Feedback Assistant. The personal information may include information found on your device or associated with your iCloud accounts, including but not limited to your name, serial numbers of your device, your device name, your device's location over the last one to two days, your attached peripheral devices, your user name, your email address and email settings, file paths, file names, Siri suggestions, your computer?s IP addresses, and network connection information. To remove the profile, open Settings on Watch app on iPhone, tap General, tap "Profiles & Device Management," tap "watchOS Logging Profile," and tap "Remove Profile,? and restart Apple Watch. By installing this watchOS 8 Beta profile and submitting sysdiagnose or feedback through Feedback Assistant, you consent to Apple's use of your information in accordance with its privacy policy (https://www.apple.com/legal/privacy). Apple Confidential Profile. Do not distribute. Not to be used or disclosed without permission from Apple. Copyright © 2021, Apple Inc. All rights reserved. PayloadContent PayloadContent DefaultsData SeedGroup PublicBeta DefaultsDomainName .GlobalPreferences DefaultsData SeedProgram DeveloperSeed DefaultsDomainName com.apple.seeding DefaultsData MobileAssetAssetAudience b407c130-d8af-42fc-ad7a-171efea5a3d0 MobileAssetServerURL-com.apple.MobileAsset.MobileSoftwareUpdate.UpdateBrain https://mesu.apple.com/assets/watchOS8DeveloperSeed MobileAssetServerURL-com.apple.MobileAsset.RecoveryOSUpdate https://mesu.apple.com/assets/watchOS8DeveloperSeed MobileAssetServerURL-com.apple.MobileAsset.RecoveryOSUpdateBrain https://mesu.apple.com/assets/watchOS8DeveloperSeed MobileAssetServerURL-com.apple.MobileAsset.SoftwareUpdate https://mesu.apple.com/assets/watchOS8DeveloperSeed MobileAssetServerURL-com.apple.MobileAsset.WatchSoftwareUpdateDocumentation https://mesu.apple.com/assets/watch DefaultsDomainName com.apple.MobileAsset PayloadDescription watchOS beta PayloadDisplayName watchOS 8 beta PayloadIdentifier com.apple.MobileAsset.watchOSBeta PayloadOrganization Apple Inc. PayloadType com.apple.defaults.managed PayloadUUID 53ADCB58-4B26-4C01-A564-C478B8FDF397 PayloadVersion 1 PayloadDescription watchOS beta PayloadDisplayName watchOS Beta Software Profile PayloadIdentifier com.apple.MobileAsset.watchOSBeta PayloadOrganization Apple Inc. 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